Friday, June 27, 2008

"Wicked Lovely" by Melissa Marr

Ah, Wicked Lovely. As said above, it's by Melissa Marr. Another urban fantasy, another excellent book.
Aislinn (pronounced ash-lin) has been able to see faeries for her entire life. Although many ignorant mortals would say it was a gift, Aislinn begs to differ. The fey are a strange, cruel folk; if they knew Aislinn had the Sight, the best she could hope for is getting her eyes ripped out.
The book starts with two strange court faeries that are stalking Aislinn. One, a pale blue-and-white girl with a large wolf;  the other is an terrifyingly beautiful boy. Ash hopes that their interest is fleeting, but she is proven wrong when the boy puts on a "glamour" – a small magic stronger faeries can use to make them look human – and tries to talk to her. Suddenly he's turning up everywhere – at school, where he dazzles all of Ash's friends, in the park... She can't escape him. And then, when things can't get any worse, the boy, Keenan, turns out to be the Summer King, ruler of one of the courts in the invisible world of fey. And Keenan believes that she is his long-lost queen, the one he has been searching for for the past nine centuries. Unfortunately for the Summer Court, Beira, queen of the Winter Court and Keenan's mother, is willing to do anything to stop Aislinn from taking the final contest that will either make her the Summer Queen or force the ice of the winter through her veins for eternity....
Melissa Marr is an amazing writer – better than J. K. Rowling in my opinion, but then lots of people are better than her in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I adore Harry, but let's be honest: Twilight is so much better. Whatever. There is also a sequel to Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange. I will review this soon. Hey, there's also going to be a third one (Fragile Eternity). More on that later. In the meantime, while waiting for more of Melissa Marr, READ THIS BOOK!


Anonymous said...

Great summary! SOunds like a fantastic read.

Book Chic said...

I loved this book, and the companion book Ink Exchange (it's not a sequel really cuz it doesn't focus on the same characters). Fragile Eternity is a sequel to both though. And there's gonna be 3 more books after that and a 3 volume manga series.

Great review, although a lot of people would say JK is a much better writer than Stephenie is. I haven't read anything by either one (yeah, I know, some YA blogger I am, lol), so I can't really say much either way. But I've seen way more Stephenie bashing than JK bashing, even before BD's release.