Monday, July 21, 2008

"Watership Down"... second only to Twilight in my book

Down, down, to Watership Down. When Fiver warns Hazel of an unnamed danger coming to their warren, Hazel knows that it's not just his overly-jumpy nature that his younger brother is voicing. So when the leader of their warren refuses to act, Hazel takes matters into his own hands – or rather, paws. They're rabbits, in case you didn't know. But species makes no difference in this... I can't find a word, so I'll leave a list at the end of this post. Back to the book:
Hazel and a rag-tag group of rabbits set off to the place that Fiver tells them of, a new home on Watership Down.
The group encounters many dangers – some, such as the elil (predators), and some, less obvious. And when at last they find Watership Down, Hazel realizes: they have no does. No females, no kits, no warren. So they gather together, and plan a raid on the most dangerous warren they have ever seen...
This is book has shocked me out of my obsession with newer books and introduced me to classics. For that, I will be forever grateful. AND it's an... a... I give up trying to describe it. See list of adjectives below.
Presenting the list of adjectives one might use to describe Watership Down... in alphabetic order!!
amazing – astonishing – astounding – awe-inspiring – beyond belief – breathtaking – brilliant – dazzling – extraordinary – humbling (especially to us aspiring writers) – incredible – luminous – magnificent – marvelous – spectacular – wonderful.

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