Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Angels on Sunset Boulevard" by Melissa de la Cruz

There's a new star in the sky, and his name is Johnny Silver. Rising from the depths of a poor life in the outskirts of LA, his music is entrancing, heart-touching and crowd-enticing. The headlines scream his name. He's started a new era of music.
But his girlfriend, Taj, has had enough. She's tired of seeing him with other girls, tired of life in the spotlight. So on the night of his biggest concert, she leaves him...
But she's watching as he ascends the stage, listening as the crowd roars his name loud enough to shake the sky down.
And she sees when, as he strikes the first chord, a blinding light flashes. And when her eyes clear, he's gone.
But Nick has his own problems, including that his hot and popular girlfriend, Maxine, has broken up with him and the disappearance of his sister, Fish. He shrugs these things aside – he can deal with a breakup, and Fish has vanished before, but she always comes back. Only when he meets Taj does he start to see the rising number of missing kids with suspicion.
In the middle of this mess is TAP. It's a website, where one can chat, laugh, and post up a "wish list" of anything you desire... but on TAP, people get you the things you ask for. And what about the mysterious back room at all of the TAP parties, hosted by the missing Johnny Silver's manager, Sutton?
Questions, questions, questions – all revolving around The Angels Practice (TAP) and the strange, intoxicating drink served in the back room.
My review is a resounding eh. This book falls somewhere between Twilight and Weregirls: the Birth of the Pack, the former being a Oh my god I've found the next Harry Potter! and the latter being Good god run screaming!! 
Angels on Sunset Boulevard is a far cry from the enticing Blue Bloods, but you can read it if you want. Again: eh.

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