Saturday, August 9, 2008

I decline, thanks very much

I vehemently (don't you love that word?) refuse to review Breaking Dawn. Maybe because I'm too chicken to put up my own opinion on the last of this internationally acclaimed author's series?
Yeah, that's probably it. I am chicken. Hear me squawk. Buck-buck-bucAWK! 
So. Yeah. Um, that's it.
Okayokayokay, I do have one tiny little comment: (spoiler alert!)

Why, I ask you, Stephanie, why did she have to get pregnant, for god's sake?! WHY? 
And, honestly, Renesmee? Yes, she is an adorable little girl (despite the fact that she'll be physically mature by the age of seven. That's a bit creepy.) but honestly: Renesmee? I know you could do better than that. Also, to have Jacob imprint on her was a bit over-the-top. 
And (Will it ever stop? you ask. Be patient. I'm venting.) why didn't you make the Volturi go bye-bye? I do NOT like those creepy old guys. I literally had a nightmare about Aro. You could've killed him off, but nooo.

Okay, I'm done. No more comments. I'll have a book review for the rest of y'all in a few days. I've read eleven books in the past week, so bear with me here. Just sorting out my head...

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