Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have edited this post so you can't read it! Muahaha! Anyway, it's not anything you'd be interested in. I was wrong, anyways

Assistance, s'il-vous plait! 
You can tell when I start speaking French that I'm either a) frazzled, b) excited or {in this case} c) eeek!!!
Has anyone here ever had appendicitis? Anyone? I'm looking for some advice... what happens, how long the surgery takes to remove that damned little appendix, etc. 
Pro: This isn't for me, fortunately.
Con: This is for my little sister. Hm, lower right abdominal pain, not eating, other things I'm not going to talk about – all points to appendicitis. Right now my parents are driving her down to the hospital to get checked out and figure out if this is really appendicitis or just some overreaction... my grandma (who, coincidentally is a nurse) thinks it's gonna blow soon if we don't get it out. I'm stuck with sitting at home with some guests (but you guys are awesome to be stuck at home with, Liesl and Carla) writing this post in hopes for some real-time info. I'm too nervous to go google it and surf through a hundred billion answers.
HELP! Pretty please? *hopeful smile*


Anonymous said...

But what's it about???????

Jeane said...

I've had it. Do they know if that's it yet? Email me: jeanenevarez AT gmail DOT com and I'll tell you about my experience.

Cassandra said...

thanks for your comment, jeane, but actually it wasn't that.... whole big mistake. i edited the post because i was so embarrassed to make a big fuss about it. Thanks though! : )

Fantasy Novel said...

It could have been seen via cache anyway...